Our Story




Down the Vent is a group of good guys who love playing tabletop games, decided they wanted to do what they love, and hopefully make a difference in the world. One game at a time!


We currently run two events a year to raise money for Children's Miracle network. The first is on International Tabletop day and the second is on Extra Life game day. We really do mean it with our slogan of gaming for an awesome cause. Every penny of profit raised at these events is given directly to Children's Miracle Network via Extra Life.


If you are interested in gaming with us outside of our scheduled events, have questions, suggestions, or would like to donate some of your time or product to help in this cause, please reach out to us!



Have you ever taken out your favorite table top game, set it up, and played for hours just to drop one of your vital pieces off the table and have it go down the vent? Well if you have, you can imagine where our name came from.



Joe Perri

Joe enjoys almost all tabletop games, but his favorites are the dark side of the board gaming world. He loves playing the super theme drenched games from the past and present. The more outrageous they look, the more he enjoys them!

Josh Bohnard

Josh loves to stay up to date with the most current tabletop games and loves to try out new ones. He'll play any game at least once. His true passion is simply enjoying these games with his two best friends (Joe and Matt) and lovely wife.

Matt Hagon

Matt has fun with the games that make you think, the kind that are a challenge, and the cooperative games where you are not guaranteed victory. At the base of it all though, he has quite the soft spot for worker placements.

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